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◆ Deepen your Learning

  • Take part in regular Q&A sessions, Learning Sessions and Facilitated Intervision Sessions 
  • Watch recordings of previous events 
  • Engage in regular assignments to improve your understanding and develop your expertise

◆ Connect with Practitioners

  • Participate in regular online Community Meet-ups

  • Exchange with other members through the forum, dedicated topics and direct messaging

  • Focus your interest by following specific topics and groups

Share your experience and your questions, your stories and ideas, and contribute toward growing a thriving community of people, working together to positively impact the world. 

Primary Driver for Creating this Community

The network of practitioners and people interested in learning about S3 is growing but most conversations for sharing learning and experience are siloed in local communities, scattered around the world (virtual and physical). We're missing the potential for worldwide exchange in an effective way. 

We need a sustainable system that enables practitioners from around the world to come together to share experiences and learning and stay up to date with S3 as it evolves.

Choose the Plan that’s Right for You

Wherever you are on your journey with Sociocracy 3.0, the S3 Online Learning Community can help you on your way. We have 3 options available for you.


Are you just starting out with Sociocracy 3.0, feeling curious and wanting to dip your toes in the water?

Join The Lobby, a place to connect and engage in conversations with others and explore content about S3. There’s a private room for member-only conversations and this is free or charge.



Have you started experimenting with S3, experienced some successes and bumped into challenges and failures along the way? 

Join the Practitioner’s Lounge, a private group you can join for a monthly or yearly subscription. 

  • You get to meet with us and other practitioners on a regular basis. 
  • We organize around monthly themes and host regular online sessions to exchange and learn together. 
  • All sessions are recorded and available to view afterward as well. 
  • We provide regular assignments and share additional content from time to time, such as interviews with practitioners about their experiences, analysis of cases and so on. 



Want to pass on what you’re learning to others and improve your fluency and skills?

Join our PRO Lounge, a professional development group, focused on continuously developing and refining the understanding and skills needed to help others get the best out of Sociocracy 3.0. 

  • You get access to all the activities in the Practitioner’s Lounge, plus:
  • On-demand support and guidance from us and a close relationship with other committed professionals. 
  • Exchange on various approaches for introducing S3 into organizations, workshop formats and key learning we pick up on our journey as teachers and mentors of S3.


Need Help to Decide?

Watch this video. It’s a chance to reflect on where you are in your journey with Sociocracy 3.0 and find out how the community can support you at every step. 


Do you Have Questions?

Will content generated in the community be available to the public?

The content in the Lobby (included in the Basic Membership) is public. All activity in rooms and groups is private and confidential! 

To join a group or a room, you need to  agree to our Terms and Conditions. These include our Member Guidelines and Terms of Confidentiality for Group Members. We'd like to ensure a confidential environment where you and others can talk in confidence about yourself, your organization and where appropriate, your clients. For this reason, content generated in specific groups or rooms, is only accessible to members of that group or room. 

In the interests of doing all we can to help people learn about S3, we repurpose some content into generic resources that can be shared with the wider world, so far as our time allows.

We expressly ask members of the Practitioner and the PRO lounge to post any questions and articles that are not sensitive due to the fact they include or refer to confidential information that people have shared, in the Lobby. We do the same. This is so that important insights and conversations about S3 remain in the public domain.

Can I cancel my subscription? 

You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting our Customer Hub or by following the link in the email you received with the invoice for your payment.

Enter the email address you used for the payment and you’ll receive a link by email that will lead you to a page with information about your current subscription. There you’ll see the option to cancel your subscription. 

When you cancel your subscription, you will be removed from the corresponding group in Mighty Network. Please be mindful that when you cancel the PRO subscription, you’ll be removed from both the Practitioner Lounge and the PRO Lounge. If you’d like to stay a member of the Practitioner Lounge, you’ll have to purchase the subscription. 

I already attended a course (or several). What is the added value of these plans for me? 

A lot! Besides a wide array of opportunities to deepen your understanding through attending or listening to the regular events, you can also complete optional assignments, and exchange with other members about their experience and learning as well. The community platform provides an effective way for bringing together and synergizing distributed intelligence for the benefit of us all. 

Furthermore, the PRO Plan is our dedicated platform for supporting you in developing your teaching and mentoring skills. 

What are the Community Meet-ups about? 

These are sessions dedicated to community building and peer-to-peer learning and exchange. They include practical sessions, and utilize formats like Open Space, World Café, Wise Crowds and Troika Consulting to facilitate conversations and meet a diversity of learning needs. We meet once a month, online! Timings vary to increase the likelihood of you being able to attend some of the sessions. 

What are the Learning Sessions about? 

In the Practitioner’s Lounge, we facilitate one online Learning Session each month. The topics we cover relate with our monthly theme and we explore specific S3 patterns, sets of patterns and other S3 related topics. Sessions are recorded and available for members of the group to view afterward. 

Please be aware THIS IS NOT A TRAINING PROGRAM! The content we post and the events we run in this group are designed to compliment, not replace the knowledge, understanding and skills you will gain through studying the Practical Guide and other resources on the Sociocracy 3.0 website, applying S3 patterns in practice, and participating in courses and workshops we deliver.

What can I expect from the Q&A sessions?

These sessions are part of the Practitioner Plan and they are dedicated to answering questions you have. Members submit questions in advance and during the call, we invite attendees to share their own experiences and answer questions raised. We fill in any gaps with answers based on our understanding and experience with S3. 

What can I expect from the Supervision and Facilitated Intervision sessions in the PRO Lounge? 

Building on our approach with the Q&A sessions in the Practitioner Lounge, you can think of these sessions as a combination of Q&A, professional supervision and facilitated intervision sessions where we examine and reflect on cases that PRO members bring.

Who is the PRO Plan for?

This plan is for anyone who is working professionally in some way, supporting others to learn about and use S3, and who is committed to giving as well as receiving in the community. You will ideally have already participated in some formal training around S3 but there are exceptions to every rule, so please let us know if you’ve not but believe it’s valuable that you join.

As interest in S3 grows and more and more people take it upon themselves to help others learn, there is a growing need to ensure coherence in learning and that professionals are keeping up-to-date and learning from one another as they go. The PRO community is a key part of our strategy to respond to this driver.

What are the criteria for selection for the PRO Plan? 

The PRO Plan is by application only. You will have ideally already participated in some formal training around S3 but there are exceptions to every rule, so please let us know if you have not but believe it’s valuable that you join.  You will also have experience using S3 patterns and be working with others (or intending to) to help them learn about and apply S3. 

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