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Sociocracy 3.0 Online Learning Community

We're Looking for WE FOUND 50 Committed Practitioners to be Pioneers of the S3 Online Learning Community *BETA*

We're now receiving applications for 2nd December. Please APPLY TO JOIN us. Places are limited.

More information coming soon!

What's the Purpose of this Community?

A message from S3 co-developers Lili and James


For the Community BETA experiment, we've chosen 50 people to join us in a 3 month journey to:

◆ Deepen Learning

  • Take part in Learning Sessions with Lili and James, twice a month 
  • Access recordings of previous events
  • Engage in regular assignments to improve your understanding and develop your expertise

◆ Connect with Practitioners

  • Participate in regular Community Meet-ups
  • Exchange with other members through the forum, dedicated topics and direct messaging
  • Focus your interest by following specific topics and groups

We're starting with a basic format and welcome your feedback to help us develop future content and events based on what is useful for you. 

Do you Have Questions?

What's happening in December?

We'll have integrated learning from the Community Beta experiment to develop the platorm based on what we learn. We'll be providing a variety of options to meet yours, and future members' needs. We expect this will include: 

  • Community Membership: join the main network for free. Stay up-to-date with S3 news and connect and converse with others through the community forum about S3 and related topics.
  • Practitioner Plan: a subscription-based plan for community members that want to pursue and deepen their learning, through regular focused interactions with peers and facilitated sessions with us.
  • Pro Plan: a subscription-based plan for community members that are supporting people in organizations to learn about and use S3 and who want to be part of a professional development group, focused on teaching and mentoring.

You will be able to choose the option that suits you best!

What are the criteria for selection? 

Whatever your background, interest or experience, you are welcome to join the community. Basic membership is free of charge.

You are also welcome to sign up for the subscription-based practitioner plan. Places will be limited for now. We are accepting members on a first come, first served basis.

The subscription-based professional plan is by application only. To apply, you will need to have participated in at least one LearnS3 Practitioner Level 1 program (or equivalent) in the past. You will also have experience using S3 patterns and be working with others (or intending to) to help them learn about and apply S3.

Will content generated in the community be available to the public? 

Some, but most of the content generated in the community will only be available for members. To join the community, you'll need to agree to our Terms and ConditionsThese include a copy of our Member Guidelines and Terms of Confidentiality for Group Members. We'd like to ensure a confidential environment where you and others can talk in confidence about yourself, your organization and where appropriate, your clients. For this reason, most of the content will be accessible to community members only. 

However, in the interest of doing all we can to help people learn about S3, we might re-purpose some content from learning sessions into generic resources that we can share with the wider world.

I already attended a course (or several). What is the added value for me? 

You'll have opportunities to verify and deepen your knowledge and understanding, complete regular assignments (optional), and exchange with other members about their experience and learning. On top of that, the bi-monthly Learning Sessions will focus on your particular questions and learning needs. 

Why not make all aspects of the community free of charge? 

We are intending to commit extensive time and energy into growing this community platform, both now and in the future. We'd like to be able to do this in a way that is sustainable for us, considering the time and energy this project requires. Fees for subscription-based plans go toward remunerating us for our time in developing, hosting, and nurturing this community. Making an economic contribution is also an opportunity for you to contribute toward the ongoing development of this new platform and toward enabling more people in the future to learn about and get the best out of S3.

What are the Community Meet-ups about? 

These are sessions dedicated to community building, peer-to-peer learning and exchange. They include practical sessions, and utilize formats like Open Space, World Cafe, Wise Crowds and Troika Consulting to facilitate conversations and meet a diversity of learning needs. We'll meet twice a month, online! Timings will vary to increase the likelihood of you being able to attend some of the sessions.

What are the Learning Sessions about? 

We will commit time to facilitate Learning Sessions, in an endeavor to meet certain learning needs. One of the two monthly sessions will be a Q&A where answer you questions. Other sessions will include opportunities for practice, teaching sessions and feedback on specific cases. Sessions will be recorded and available for members afterward. 

Not sure yet? 

 Contact us 

with any further questions or feedback you'd like to share. 

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We'll be sharing our learning and will keep you up-to-date as the community evolves.

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